Utah: Vegas, baby!

Yesterday officially marked the beginning of our trip to Utah. We had approximately 12 hours of travel, starting with a flight to the twinkling Las Vegas (where it was 91 degrees!) and ending with a road trip to Kanab (complete, of course, with an In-N-Out stop). In the airport, we bumped into quite a few therapy dogs including one that Victoria rightfully claimed to be “a Polar Bear”. The dogs, in addition to providing love and slobber, hyped us up for the next week we will be spending with animals.

Stacey, being the organized, wonderful leader that she is, prepared goody bags for us with daily quotes, challenges, and light up toys. We have already set quite a few goals for ourselves to accomplish and established traditions for the week.

1) Dabbing in photos at the places we visit

2) Erica will perform a dramatic reading of the daily quote every day

3) Collect footage/photos for an epic travel vlog

4) Come up with trail names for each other

After a very long day of travel and ambitions plans, we finally went to sleep in anticipation for our first day exploring the sanctuary.

See U(tah) Later!

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