Kenya: Sunday

It is hard to believe that a week ago we were just beginning our journey. Hours and miles of travel were worth it for the friendships and connections we have made with the people at the Care Centre. Though we still have a few days left we are feeling the sadness of having to leave this amazing place. At a week, we are really just starting to know the kids and build deeper relationships, and we aren’t ready to say goodbye yet. We will soak up every last moment of this trip.

It was another sunny morning and we woke to the sounds of Kakamega residents coming to the Care Centre compound for church. It was enthusiastic and joyful and free. We were invited to attend part of the service and the girls loved the dancing and singing, and the interactive relationship between the pastor and the congregation.

We planned an afternoon of "Olympic Games" for the Care Centre kids to participate in which consisted of a relay race, the human pretzel and a water balloon fight. Anyone who has done summer camps before will know the feeling of chaotic fun that ensued as the organizational part of our work kind of went out the window and the boundless playing took over. One thing is for sure, these kids have an never ending supply of energy. We all definitely needed a break in the day to recollect ourselves, reapply sunscreen and dowse ourselves in water. But that energy is infectious and soon enough we were competing in a soccer match. Emma Willard vs. Care Centre! Well, sad story. We lost…but we put up a good fight and kept the score at 1-3, which we all find pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves:)

Our night concluded with a little show and tell between us and the kids. They were going to show us some traditional and well known Kenyan dances, so we decided to give them the best of the U.S. (drum roll) We went with a classic from none other than Silento, the Whip Ne-ne. Let’s just say we did not impress them! They swiftly took up the charge and once again danced like nobody’s business. The girls have plenty of video to show when we return!

We are definitely falling into bed tonight, but ready for the next few days of time at this simple paradise.

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