AWAY in Greece – Kusadasi

The group split today. Those of us who went to Kusadasi visited the ancient city of Ephesus and saw turkish rug making. Tonight everyone will get free time in Patmos.

AWAY in Greece – the island of Rhodes

Today we arrived on the island of Rhodes. Our tour guide here is native to Rhodes, and has a PhD in Archaeology. She shared the history of the medieval city, the Monastery of Filerimos (it was full of peacocks!), and the acropolis of Rhodes. An amphitheater in the acropolis has such excellent acoustics that she spoke quietly with no microphone as we sat at the top of the theater (with seats for 1000) and we could hear her perfectly.

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AWAY in Greece – The Acropolis

Today we climbed a rocky outcrop in Athens to view the Acropolis. We saw many buildings of tremendous historical significance, most notably the Parthenon. Our guide told us the story of beautiful works which were stolen off the Parthenon and which are currently displayed in the British Museum, despite their status as stolen works. Her anger at the injustice of it was palpable. We have learned so much about the culture, history, mythology, and national pride of the Greek people.